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On to the next…

Today is the last day of 2010! This past week has been absolutely exhausting. Maybe next year instead of traveling for Christmas I’ll stay home and eat a ham by myself with endless champagne and Bing Crosby on the iTunes. Sounds better than airports and flight delays, eh?

This has been one epic year, and with all the incredibleness that happened in 2010, I can only imagine what 2011 holds for me. Thanks for reading! See you next year.

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Mini vacay!


Hi friends,
Just wanted to say a quick hello and share this amaaaazing picture with you that already makes my heart ache for California. It’s In ‘N Out. Oh the beauty. I’d like to tell you I only ate this meal once while I was in town but… I don’t like to lie.

I had a whirlwind trip to San Diego and am heading off again to Rochester today for the holidays with the family, sans computer. I will be back in full force on December 30 with TONS of posts, recipes, and the witty commentary you’ve come to know and love.

Merry Christmas, loves! See you next week.

Love always,
Lauren E.

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Follow, Follow, Follow!

A toast from me to you, dear readers! Thanks a million.

Just a quick note to remind you that if you’re on Twitter then you should follow me! Not only will you be alerted the minute a new Food E. post is up and get links to various food related posts around the web, but you will be able to read all of my musings on sports, things that annoy me, my travails with the MTA, and other gloriously fascinating tidbits worthy of your time.

And as a small aside, thanks to the over 2,300 people who have visited Food E. in the past 2 days! Keep reading, kids. It’ll only get better.

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Why, I think it would be simply charming!

Merry Christmas, friends! I know, I’m early. Whatever. Last night I helped The Boyfriend and his roommates put up their Christmas tree while Christmas music blared from the speakers and many glasses of wine were consumed. I’d go on and on about how the scent of fresh pine makes my little heart swell and my eyes tear up, but for the sake of your gag reflexes and my dignity, I’ll stop here.

In any case, I have a new project on the horizon! It’s very exciting, and I can fill you all in next week but for now it’s taking up some of my free time. Time that would otherwise be spent blogging. I did carve out a couple hours to make these again for my parents, so if you forgot how epic that recipe is, go ahead and remind yourselves.

Tonight I will be taking an evening alone to totally indulge myself. And in honor of self indulgence, these images make me happy.

A fried egg and cookies for breakfast, the abridged A Christmas Carol, and sparkly packages. Is there anything better?

"Faith is believeing in something, even when common sense tells you not to." Miracle on 34th Street

Our (blurry) Christmas tree

(Top image: Jennifer Rakowski)


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She’s Off!

Dear friends and loyal readers,

I’m about to embark on a week-long vacation to the Adirondack Mountains where I will go to sleep at 9:00 every night, eat mountain favorites like pancakes, babyback ribs, and steamers until my pants literally don’t fit anymore, and hike through the snow-covered hills with a furry dog. It is pure bliss. I will also take on the task of making Thanksgiving dinner! Upon my return, I’ll have pictures and recipes of successes and failures, and a kick off to the great holiday cookie season!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, kiddies!

The top of Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks


If you’re looking for resources to create that perfect meal on November 25, here are a few of my favorite spots: (here you can enter in the ingredients you have/want and all the recipes that include those ingredients will come up!)

Pioneer Woman Cooking

Martha Stewart

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Hard Cider

A quick post today to plant a seed in your brain. An APPLE seed, if you will. I can not stop thinking about Thanksgiving. It is the high holy day of the food calendar and trumps any summer picnic, winter soup, or spring salad you can think of. It is a day dedicated to stuffing your face.

…Oh yeah. And those pilgrims or whatever.

What beverages do you serve at Thanksgiving dinner, friends? My family serves wine. Lots of it. And by the time pie is served everyone is ruddy-cheeked and spilling things in each others’ laps. It’s pretty magical.

This year, why not serve hard cider? It’s delicious, it’s seasonal, and it’ll get you drunk faster than beer. But you didn’t hear that from me.

My favorite is Bulmer’s which is only sold in Ireland, but its alternately-named twin, Magners, can be found in most grocery stores in the US and is worth a taste. It isn’t as sweet as other hard ciders (which I prefer) but still has the apple-y crisp flavor you’d expect. More here on hard cider, from the New York Times.


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Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is…

It’s available at Neiman Marcus and it only costs $15K…

… Please?

Thanks very much,
Lauren E.


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