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Someday I’ll be successful enough that companies will be flooding my apartment with an embarrassing number of sample products to try but currently I have to buy my own (LIFE IS SO HARD.) I’m not a huge fan of monthly subscription food services simply because I don’t like to think about money regularly coming out of my checking account with actively deciding on each purchase. But NatureBox got me – I tried the first month of nutritionist-approved snacks (5 healthy sized bags for $10) and now I am hooked.

For the first delivery 5 bags of pre-selected snacks arrived and then for future months you can go on the website and choose which bags you’d like to receive. The sampler I received had Pistachio Power Clusters, Masa Crisps, Cherry Berry Bonanza, Vanilla Macaroon Granola, and Roasted Kettle Kernels. Each snack is made with mostly whole ingredients with little to no processing (and if there IS processing it’s something completely necessary that won’t clog your arteries and poison your body), there is no high fructose corn syrup, and they offer non-GMO options.

Give ’em a try! If you’re a snacker and usually reach for Wavy Lays and French onion dip (not that I know anything about that) it’s a lovely alternative.

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Station to Station

How cool is this? A moving public art project. Station to Station is organized by artist Doug Aitken and “connect(s) leading figures and underground creators from the worlds of art, music, food, literature, and film for a series of cultural interventions and site-specific happenings.” The project will raise funds through ticket sales and donations to support non-traditional programming at nine partner museums around the country.

This week the culinary leg of the trip is happening in Minnesota and features some (obviously) Norwegian food. If you’re in the area, stop by tonight! It looks amazing and Patti Smith will be there to sing you into a food coma. For the first time ever I wish I was in Minnesota. Sorry, Jenna.

Take a look here and get inspired by some truly innovative chefs creating some truly cool dishes.

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Dive-Jeremy-Seifert Happy Monday, friends! Just a quick post to let you know about a fantastic documentary I watched on Netflix over the weekend called Dive! about dumpster divers and the staggering amount of food that Americans throw out every single day. The whole film is based on the fact that Americans throw out HALF of all the food the country produces in a year. Unreal, isn’t it?

My only criticism of the film is that it left me wondering what I could do to help and the ending feels a little bit hopeless. If anyone reading this has recommendations on what to do to help curb the food crisis, let me know!

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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend

The bench in front of Donuts Delite in Rochester. I got excited as we drove by and The BF said, "You know, you can't eat that."

The bench in front of Donuts Delite in Rochester. I got excited as we drove by and The BF said, “You know, you can’t eat that.”

If you’re reading this blog for the first time today (and hello to you!) then you might not know but tomorrow, July 13, is my birthday. I. love. my. birthday. It’s smack dab in the middle of summer so childhood birthdays included big family parties in the backyard, the weather is warm so I can always wear a cute dress to any type of celebration, and it’s a full day where I’m bombarded by texts and phone calls and Hallmark cards from all the people in my life that I love. Seriously, what’s better than that?!

This year The BF is taking me to Red Rooster Harlem for dinner (one of my top 5 favorite restaurants in NY) and I’ll spend the rest of the day eating pancakes and avoiding the rain. Perfection? That it is.

Here are a few links for your weekend! Enjoy!

I’m baking this recipe for my birthday cupcakes! FACT: Rainbow chip and funfetti are NOT the same.

“What’s in Prince’s fridge?” (yes, THAT Prince!) is perhaps the funniest and weirdest thing I’ve read in a long time.

My mom made this incredible white cake with lemon frosting and raspberry filling last weekend when I was home in Rochester and it was DIVINE.

Speaking of Rochester, Donuts Delite in Irondequoit has a cannoli donut… yes… a CANNOLI DONUT… that is essentially heaven in pastry form (or a powdered sugar yeast donut with cannoli cream filling). Why they don’t have a line like the cronut, I’ll never know.

And a final reminder to sign up for Spice to Meet You . Next month’s spice is a total winner.

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Amurrica, Amurrica…

Happy 4th of July, friends! May your weekend be filled with deliciousness and fireworks and beaches and sun. This is one of my favorite holidays, not just because it’s a week before my birthday (did I mention my BIRTHDAY is coming up?), but because it’s a full out summer fest. Everyone gets the day off of work and school (sorry, retail friends) and celebrating includes all things American: processed foods, explosions, and bad country songs.


I sang this song during my summer job performing at an amusement park, and squeezed in “ROCHESTER USA” awkwardly at the end, instead of James Browns’ original “Chicago and LA.” It was pretty memorable, guys.

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When I was a kid I liked Hanson. Okay… I liked Hanson a LOT. But if one of my family members tries to tell you I was like, obsessed or whatever, and that I had a magazine-cutout shrine to Taylor Hanson on my closet door and I actually ordered their t-shirt off the Eggo waffles box, then they are bold faced lying. And that’s a fact.

Anyway, today I found out my present love and my past loves are coming together: Hanson is making beer. And it’s called Mmmhops. And I couldn’t make this sh*t up.

In more altruistic news, they are selling Mmmhops merch and donating the proceeds to charity. So when you pick up a 6-pack of this stuff, you can buy a t-shirt too, and you don’t have to feel all that bad about it. You’re helping disaster relief in Oklahoma, where the boys are from.

And in COMPLETELY unrelated news… my birthday is in a month and a half.

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Happy Friday!

Vacation cocktails are the best kind

Vacation cocktails are the best kind

It’s hard for me to celebrate TOO much that today starts the weekend because last Friday I was sunning myself on a hot beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sigh. I guess if every day was vacation then it wouldn’t be as special… I’d gladly give it a try, though.

Today’s post is a mini one, just some links around the interwebz you might enjoy.

I could never live my whole life this way, but something about this super healthy blog has me transfixed. (Undressed Skeleton)

This month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living is the Summer Food Issue and I seriously want to lick every. single. page. Just go buy it already.

I made this fancy tuna melt (with lemon, olive oil, capers, and freshly shaved parmesan on baguette slices) for dinner last night and it was out of this world. (TheKitchn)

Have you heard of a cronut? It’s a CROISSANT/DONUT and I’ve never wanted anything so much in my whole life. Just saying: my birthday is in 2 months and someone should probably start working on getting me one right. now.

The whopper of a flop food festival The Great GoogaMooga is this weekend in Brooklyn if you care to venture out… or you could read all my reasons NOT to go and then eat at a nice restaurant instead.

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