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I am BACK!

A few snapshots from my amazing vacation, first in San Diego and then in Norfolk, Virginia. I’ll make some real posts when I recuperate but for now… here you are, my friends.

In N Out! Maybe I ate it twice…

Sea World! San Diego

Me and The BF… in a photo booth, but using an iPhone. Like you do.

So SoCal.


Beautiful Norfolk, Virginia

A latte for Lolly

It was 106 degrees in Colonial Williamsburg, but I ordered soup at Blue Talon restaurant. It. Was. Worth it.

Oh Waffle House. You have my heart.


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Happy Friday!

It suits me, I think…

Lovelies, as you read this I am en route to sunny Southern California! Woooooo vacation woooooo! In addition to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, In ‘N Out (duh), and late night greasy Mexican food, I’ll be attending a luau with The BF’s family and will surely stuff my face with kalua pork and lomi salmon and poi and I’ll come back ten pounds heavier and ten times happier and ooooh I just can’t wait.

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