Happy Friday!

Me and some maple cotton candy from Liddabit Sweets

Just a quick post to say hello and give you some links you might like. Eat well, my loves.

This weekend is the Big Apple BBQ Festival in NYC! If you’re in town, check it out at Madison Square Park from 11AM – 6PM on Saturday and Sunday. There’s no entry fee, you just pay for food as you go. It’s the best BBQ you’ll have in New York, I promise.

Do you Tweet? I do. I say lots of funny things, too.

In my day job I’m lucky enough to work on this book by Kelly Jaggers called Not-So-Humble Pies. Does apple and brie tart with bacon crumble strike you? How about orange and dark chocolate cheese pie? Healthy, these are not. But who cares?

I don’t have kids yet but this post was so completely inspiring and informational that I almost want to buy the book now. It’s called French Kids Eat Everything and I’d read it wearing a beret. For authenticity, of course.

My birthday is a month away and I’ve decided that what I really want to do is bake myself this cake and drink champagne at a rooftop bar somewhere. Maybe wearing this. I don’t even know.

Have a fabulous weekend!

xoxo Lauren E.

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