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Happy Birthday to This Guy

Just a super quick post to wish The BF (a regular staple here on this blog) a big, fat happy birthday. He’s not really a fan of his birthday but I impose my own love-of-birthdays on him every year and force him to celebrate. I know, I know, it’s preeeetty big of me.

So happy birthday, darling! Thank you for this past year during which you tried snails for the first time, took me to Per Se, waited for an hour in a ridiculously crowded entry way so that we could have date night at a trendy restaurant, and gifted me with the coolest chef’s hat and apron a football-loving-cook could ask for. I am so glad you were born.

So this is Christmas...

So this is Christmas…


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Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

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A quick post to wish my daddy a very happy Father’s Day! Thanks for introducing me to escargot, vinegar on French fries (“It’s white ketchup!”), and seafood, all at a ridiculously young age. I would also be remiss if I did not thank you for passing on your love of booze. Happy Father’s Day, Fruit!


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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother… but he will be soon, because he’s about to eat his birthday cake

This month my brother turned 27 years old. One year closer to 30. Terrifying. Because I’m right behind him. Remember when we were 5 and 7, Christopher?! I do.

Please note the crimped hair and giant glasses – we’ve always been a stylish family

This year my older brother asked if I would bake him a cake for his birthday. Now, I myself belong to the school of “nuts ruin baked goods” but Christopher wanted walnuts in his carrot cake, so I included them. If you try this recipe, feel free to leave them out. Trust me – you don’t need them.

On the menu:
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

*The only change I made to the Epicurious cake that I link to above is I made a double layer cake instead of a triple layer, and I did not use parchment paper in the baking pans. All you have to do is spray non-stick spray and coat the entire pan, bake for around 40 minutes.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a picture of the finished, decorated cake and a slice of the inside!


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