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Peace Out, 2012!

It seems as if whenever December 31st rolls around, my friends and I all say, “Ugh, GOOD RIDDANCE! Next year will be so much better!” But you know what? This year I truly believe it. In 2012 I lost my job, and I’m already starting out 2013 knowing I have a new one (heyooooo). And it’s way better. Just saying.

So thank you for all of your kindness, readership, and support this past year! Here’s to a bigger, better (lucky) 2013!


A light spring risotto with shrimp



Pancakes with bacon hidden inside, topped with apples

Still the most popular post on Food E.: pancakes!



A delicious summer meal, totally vegetarian



My second favorite restaurant meal of the year: Red Rooster Harlem


The only picture we snapped at Per Se (I didn't want to be that annoying girl with a flash going off at every course): Mignarises

The most amazing meal I’ve ever had: Per Se



A Christmas cocktail not to be missed: cranberry pomegranate bellinis

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Happy Christmas!

This is in my very near future...

This is in my very near future…

Ladies and gents, I’m taking off. I considered scheduling filler blog posts while I’m away but I just didn’t want to keep posting random stuff, so I’ll just say I’m off to Rochester and then San Diego for the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ll spend my time in Roch drinking too much wine with my mom, laughing my butt off with dance girls, and getting lost in the town I lived in for 20 years. You know how it goes. In SD I’ll be wearing shorts with sweaters (I’ve always wanted to do that!), spending my first warm weather Christmas with The BF’s amazing family, and eating buckets of seafood at Rockin’ Baja Coastal Cantina. It’s going to be a magical vacation and I hope to come back 5 pounds heavier.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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Happy Turkey Week!

I’m off for the week, kids! I’m holing up in the Adirondacks with nothing but booze and family. What else could I ask for?

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Wedding Weekend

Excuse the interruption for this non-food related post but my very best and oldest friend is getting married this weekend and I had to commemorate it with a photo. Congratulations, Chrissy! You’ve been an amazing friend from Barbies to Fredonia and everything in between, and I’m so glad I get to celebrate with you this weekend.

Lauren and Chrissy, the coolest kids on the block

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Suggested Reading

Doolin, Ireland

Just a quick “Happy Monday!” post to alert of a great article by Frank Bruni, former New York Times restaurant critic, that ran in the Times on Friday about Bruni’s trip to Ireland. If you’ve never been to Ireland then you will only get a tiny hint of what he’s talking about, and if you have been this article will probably give you nostalgic goosebumps. If you live there… you’re probably rolling your eyes. Whatever.

To Ireland, A Son’s Journey Home

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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

Happy Friday, dear readers! Just a quick post to remind you that the online charity bake sale ends this Sunday so don’t miss out on your chance to win a batch of my giant rainbow cookies! They’re seriously delicious.

Click here to bid! And happy weekend!

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Online Charity Bake Sale

Do you like to eat delicious sweets? Do you like to occasionally donate money to charity? Do you spend time on the interwebz? Then have I got the event for you! I’m participating in an online charity bake sale running from September 10 (that’s today!) through September 16. Five food bloggers (including myself) are auctioning off some super special baked goods over at My Love for Cooking and all proceeds go to Pillwillop Therapuetic Farm.

Would you like to taste THESE beauties…

Giant Rainbow Cookies

… hmm? Then go ahead and bid. I’ll be donating a dozen giant rainbow cookies (yes, complete with rainbow jimmies and M&Ms) and they’ll be delivered, by me, with a personalized note directly to your door. Please don’t let me be the only loser without a bid.

To make it super easy, CLICK HERE TO BID: Online Charity Bake Sale

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