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Because: Pancakes = Love

Another post blatantly lifted from The Kitchn because last night I ate egg salad with carrots and pea pods for dinner, and who really wants to read about that?

I want these. A lot. Add a little yellow food coloring to the sun, a little blue to the planet, a little green to the moon (maybe some moon somewhere is green, you don’t know)… What a spread!

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You Know What They Say About It

Those high-fructose corn syrup ads have always bugged me. “It’s made from corn.” Newsflash: everything starts as something natural. That doesn’t mean we should eat everything. Cardboard sandwich with a gasoline spread, anyone? But it comes from the earth!

That’s why I was so pleased to read this. Turns out (PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED) high-fructose corn syrup is not good for you, and it is way worse than regular sugar.

In other shocking news, the grass is green and chocolate is tasty.


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C-c-c-can we talk about this for a second?

I swear, this is my last gross-food post for awhile. I’ll get back to posting pictures of fluffy pancakes and cheesy pastas ASAP. But for now… please. Stop eating McDonald’s. Just… just do it.


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Fiestada pizza, a slice of cheese on a PB&J, turkey “chunks”, and other delicacies

Lately there has been a lot of media attention on childhood obesity and the lack of nutrition in school lunches. I vividly remember the sour cardboard taste of the French bread pizza, the sticky gum consistency of the mashed “potatoes” and the ubiquitous joy of the first day of middle school when the lunch ladies didn’t force you to buy a whole meal (you mean I can buy French fries, a bottle of Fruitopia, and Hostess cupcakes for lunch?! Sold!).

So while I will never preach nutrition on this blog, I do know the distinct sensation of craving fruits and vegetables after a particularly burger-ice-cream-nacho filled weekend. And I love anything freshly, organically, locally prepared. A girl can not live on bacon grease alone.

When I read about Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project in the Daily News, I was fascinated. I know a lot of kids love pizza and French fries. But kids also like apples with peanut butter, ants on a log, and even (gasp!) salad if it’s prepared correctly. I have to give the anonymous teacher behind Fed Up With Lunch a huge hand: you couldn’t pay me to eat these lunches as an adult.

Okay, maybe you could pay me.

But it would have to be a lot.

A sample lunch – bringing a whole new meaning to “mystery meat” (photo c/o Fed Up with School Lunch)

In related news, watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, premiering this Friday, March 26 on ABC. These kids don’t know what a tomato is. I wish I was kidding.


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Mama Said

Since I started this blog, I’m proud to say I’ve become a source of information for my friends and family. I’ve been asked what I would make with the contents of a friend’s fridge, why does meat need to rest after cooking but before cutting (juice redistribution!), and what exactly makes a caramelized onion… caramelized.

Usually I have all the answers.

Okay, fine… sometimes I have some answers.

And when I don’t, I look to my favorite sources (most are listed at the right). When Mom asked if I had any ideas on keeping bread dough from sticking to the towel after it’s risen, I thought to ask the experts at The Kitchn. And seeing as one of their editors is named Joann Miller (minus the ‘e’ but close enough), it seemed only fitting.

Apparently, they thought my question was interesting enough to post. So proud.

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Holding Out for a Hero

I have a great aunt who lives in Arizona. And to put it nicely, she’s slowly losing it. Yesterday I received a “gift” from her.

My favorite is The Golden Boy: Serve him immediately or he’ll leave you flat.

And if you’re especially lost, read Dr. Friedman’s other book, Smart Cookies Never Crumble.


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