Mama Said

Since I started this blog, I’m proud to say I’ve become a source of information for my friends and family. I’ve been asked what I would make with the contents of a friend’s fridge, why does meat need to rest after cooking but before cutting (juice redistribution!), and what exactly makes a caramelized onion… caramelized.

Usually I have all the answers.

Okay, fine… sometimes I have some answers.

And when I don’t, I look to my favorite sources (most are listed at the right). When Mom asked if I had any ideas on keeping bread dough from sticking to the towel after it’s risen, I thought to ask the experts at The Kitchn. And seeing as one of their editors is named Joann Miller (minus the ‘e’ but close enough), it seemed only fitting.

Apparently, they thought my question was interesting enough to post. So proud.

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One response to “Mama Said

  1. Mom

    Thanks so much for all the ideas about covering rising bread dough. I especially like the one that suggested the oiled plastic wrap and the shower cap, which can also be oiled.

    Thanks, Honey!

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