Just a Taste

Dear friends, readers, loved ones, and all y’all in between:

I had a fabulous birthday and it was chock full of amazing treats. I started my day with a bowl of Irish Special K (it’s different, I swear!), received a pistachio cupcake and a brownie first thing in the morning at work, and continued to eat like a fiend all day long. I hoped to regale you with tales of amazing delicacies today but I am in a food coma and am in desperate need of sleep. Therefore I give you this. A teaser. The remnants of an unbelievable seafood meal, compliments of my dear friend Becca.

Tomorrow I’ll have a full report on the incredible restaurants and even more outstanding dishes that I enjoyed (serious recommendations coming!) but today, the day after my twenty-COUGH birthday, I am content knowing I did some serious damage.

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One response to “Just a Taste

  1. Farrell

    i want a food mallet.

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