Steamy Summer Savior

photo c/o New York Times

Happy Monday, friends! If you live in New York, you know it was quite a scorcher this weekend. If you live in South Carolina, you have probably melted into a puddle by now. Needless to say, using an oven on the east coast was not anyone’s first choice this weekend. I planned to bake biscuits today but the mere thought of turning my oven to 500 degrees made me sweat. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a beautiful post with pictures about the BEST BISCUITS IN THE WORLD (seriously… trust me…) but today I give you this.

101 Simple Salads for the Summer

Whenever I am at a loss, wondering what to make for dinner that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, extensive kitchen time (i.e. the hottest room in the apartment), or turning on my oven, I click that link right there. Mark Bittman of the New York Times wrote this piece for The Minimalist last year and I’ve sworn by it ever since.

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