I Remember That!

Today I stumbled upon an unbelievable website, and therefore am reduced to posting some incredibly indulgent food-related items. BEHOLD my youth! i.e. a bunch of stuff my mom would never let me have but I snuck at friends’ houses. Sorry, mom.

The minute I saw these ice pops the memories just came flooding back…

ECTO COOLER!!! I was absolutely never allowed to drink this. But I admired from afar.

I nearly yelped aloud in my cubicle when I saw these gummies. I vividly remember the faux-cola taste. Yummm.

And… okay, this is not food. But it was a DOLL that smelled and looked like a cupcake. I’m pretty sure I did not own one, but I remember a friend of mine had one and I probably got a kiddie-high from inhaling the plastic fumes. So magical.

All the other kids at summer camp had Squeeze It and I had a Thermos of milk. THANKS AGAIN MOM.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. I blatantly stole these images from I’m Remembering! The site has a ton of other stuff you didn’t know you missed, including Skip It, Starter jackets, Scratch N Sniff stickers, and Super Soakers. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing out on.


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8 responses to “I Remember That!

  1. JMiller

    I didn’t realize I was such a monster to my children. Forgive me for wanting you to eat healthy!

  2. You’re not a MONSTER. I just wanted the occasional Ecto Cooler.

  3. JMiller

    I love you, too.

  4. Meg D

    wow…the minute i saw the tops of the Mickey ears i knew EXACTLY what those were. This brought me back to day camp. And obviously the cupcake dolls were sensational.

  5. Thanks for posting about the site!

  6. OH, by the way…totally relate to the food other kids had but I didn’t. Former fat kids UNITE!

  7. Christopher

    Here is another classic in the same class as the popsicles:

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